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 My pig is sneezing - is it ok ?

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PostSubject: My pig is sneezing - is it ok ?   Wed Jan 02, 2008 12:08 pm

Pigs do occasionally sneeze for no other reason than they have a tickle in their nose and they sneeze just like us ! However, sneezing can be a sign of a respiratory infection or even an allergy. Does your pig have any other symptoms such as noisy breathing, weepy eyes, discharge from her nose or does she look quieter than usual and is she eating less ? These symptoms can all indicate that your piggy may be ill. If you suspect she is poorly please take her to the vet asap for a proper diagnosis and treatment advice. Have you recently switched to a new type of bedding ? Is the bedding or the hay dusty ? Have you moved the location of the pen to a dusty badly ventilated room ? These are all things to consider in the quest for finding out why she is sneezing.


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My pig is sneezing - is it ok ?
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