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 What do I need to cut my piggies hair ?

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PostSubject: What do I need to cut my piggies hair ?   Sun Dec 30, 2007 5:20 am

A good pair of Scissors - After trying various different types of scissors I now use proper hairdressing scissors - I bought mine from Boots the

Chemist - I just find them sharper & much better at cutting quickly & painlessly (without pulling) through the hair - they make the whole job easier & quicker - and as most piggies don't appreciate a haircut around their bottoms - every little bit helps !
Another thing I find useful is a plastic coated apron - I used to trim Mop (and her sister, the late Tiger) with them just sitting on my lap or a

towel - the problems I found here were - 1. As they didn't appreciate my efforts they would sometimes try & nip me - Mop once got me right on the tummy & it hurt quite a bit - so wearing a plastic coated apron means if they try and nip I won't feel it. And 2. After I had cut their hair I would be covered in little bits of hair / or the towel would, and it's actually quite hard to wash off - so by wearing a plastic coated apron it's very easy just to wipe the hair off into the bin.

Wide toothed comb - I have experimented with various brushes / small animal wirey groomers and the best thing I have found for grooming my pigs is a wide toothed plastic comb - the type I use on my own hair - [actually I do use mine lol] this helps to comb out the hair ready for a nice neat trim.

Crocodile/grippy type hair grips - If you are not giving your piggy an all over trim then clip the hair on their backs up and out of the way with the type of crocodile grips that hairdressers use - this will hold all the hair out of the way so you can get to work underneath - you can then comb this hair over the trimmed bits afterwards so it still looks like your piggy is long-haired all over.

Water (plant) spray - Can be useful to damp the hair down for a neater / easier trim.
Treats - I always keep various treats eg grapes / cucumber around to give my pig to nibble whilst I am trimming her, just to try and keep her distracted.

Long sleeved top - For the same nibbling reason as the apron - I also wear a long-sleeved top whilst I hair-trim - If I'm worried about a piggy 'turning nasty' and nibbling me I won't be handling her as confidently & she won't feel as relaxed - so by covering up bare skin I know she can't bite me !! (even the gentlest pig has been know to turn a bit nippy whilst having a bottom end trim)


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What do I need to cut my piggies hair ?
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