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 They let me play!!!

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PostSubject: They let me play!!!   Wed Feb 27, 2008 9:44 am

I got to play piggy games, tonight, and it was so much fun. I was doing my daily poo and dirty hay cleaning of the cage, which means taking out the towels under the hideys, and shaking them out or changing them. I got to the last hidey, and LG was inside. Zippy was off to the side. The towel was partly out of the hidey, so I started to pull on it. LG pulled back. I did that a couple of times, and so did she. Then Zippy got the part of the towel near him, and started pulling. LG was trying to pull the towel back, as Zippy and i tried to pull it out. They she jumped out and took the towel from Zippy, who jumped into the hidey. They jumped back and forth, pulling on the towel, and I pulled on my part. Finally Momma came down from the upper level and joined in the jumping and pulling contest. Since I'm too big to fit in the hidey, I quietly left them to their game. They chuttered and chirped at me and each other, as if we were all in the game together. It was so nice to be part of their game!!!
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PostSubject: Re: They let me play!!!   Wed Feb 27, 2008 10:15 am

LOL!!! how cute!! I wish I could play with my piggies in that way. I have my licker (cenizo) that loves to lick my hand, my fingers lol everytime I am going to pet him I wash my hands first because I know he is going to moisterise it with his saliva :D. The baby loves to popcorn and play with my finger to "follow my finger and bite it" lol and if I don't let him bite he'll start to complaint by moving his wittle body to the sides and jumps around. Every one of them has a special personality and I love playing or "they pretend they enjoy it so I can let them alone" lol They've gotten used to the pillows they look sooo cute machito was laying on top of his pillow today and so the rest of the gang lol I have to take a picture to show you guys how sweet my babies look.


Machito Pulguita Osito Cenizo
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They let me play!!!
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