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 Can I feed my pig weeds from the garden ?

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PostSubject: Can I feed my pig weeds from the garden ?   Fri Jan 18, 2008 12:15 pm

Absolutely yes! but you have to be extremely careful which plants you choose to feed your cavy. Make sure you are 100% sure that you can feed your cavy the plant you chose, also make sure it is not old, or soiled by wildlife animals, or sprayed with any insect killer. You also need to be aware that some wild plants, house plants can be poisonous to your cavy. Please refer to our section in CAVY DIET & NUTRITION - SAFE PLANT LIST. If you are not sure if your cavy can eat the plant please DO NOT FEED IT, you can harm your piggy by feeding a poisonous plant.


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Can I feed my pig weeds from the garden ?
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