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 Train Your Guinea Pig!!!

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PostSubject: Train Your Guinea Pig!!!   Mon Jan 14, 2008 6:34 am


-Apply conditional reflex training. This means that you make them associate one thing with another. In the case of guinea pigs, you should use food. For example, if you have a shoe box with two doors in it, in two different colors, and you put food behind one door and not the other, the guinea pig would learn through experience that one colour door means food, and the other does not.
-Repeat the training many times. This will mean that the guinea pig will learn that the rule applies every time, rather than just once.
-When your guinea pig is trained for one thing, move on and make it more complicated. Put more different colored doors in the box, and maybe introduce shapes as well.
-Now you should be able to train your guinea pig to do many things, as long as the rule is the same every time, and it is not harmful to or upsetting for the animal at any time. Happy training!


-Make sure that the guinea pig is enjoying what you are doing together, and remember to be kind to it.Enjoy what you are doing - don't let it become a chore for you or your pet.
-Choose the right food for your guinea pig
-Food Mixes
-Food Pellets
-Fresh Fruit


Do not harm the guinea pig. This includes forcing them to do something they don't want to do, or feeding them so much they get fat.


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Train Your Guinea Pig!!!
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