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 How To Entertain Your Cavy?

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PostSubject: How To Entertain Your Cavy?   Mon Jan 14, 2008 4:47 am

-Take a paper towel tube and cut it open (this is so your guinea pig won't get stuck in it). Place it in your guinea pig's cage so they can chew on it. Hide some food in it while you feed them it's great fun.

-Put your guinea pig's cage somewhere where people go by often. Remember, in the wild, cavies live in family groups, so guinea pigs will easily get lonely.
Build a small, sturdy shelf for your guinea pig, above the level of the plastic bottom of its cage, if it has that style of cage. It will be able to watch people go by.

-Take a blanket or towel and bring your guinea pig outside the cage to let it run around.
Bring your guinea pig outside! If it's over 60-70F [no higher than 80F], and your lawn has not been treated with any chemicals, you can take your guinea pig out onto the grass. Guinea pigs love to be outside. Just watch them carefully, and if they show signs of overheating, bring them inside quickly.

-If you own a hairless guinea pig, most of them are ticklish, tents made out of "clean" old shirts (be careful to remove all buttons) can be great fun, they love jumping in and out of the tent! If you are going to leave your guinea pig unattended with a tent, just make sure it's suspended securely, and not too much of the shirt is touching the ground, you don't want your little friend to get all tangled up.

-Give the guinea pig some wood from an apple tree, it is safe and keeps their teeth down.
Get a plastic litterbox or a plant tray and fill it with woodshavings or wood chippings, then get some of your guinea pig' favorite veggies, cut them up into small chunks and mix them in with the woodshavings or woodchippings. Your guinea pig will have a good time searching for the food!


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How To Entertain Your Cavy?
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