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 My Little Lost Ones

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PostSubject: My Little Lost Ones   Thu Jan 10, 2008 5:20 am

I actually got into piggies because daughter bought two, a cage, and all the stuff. That meant I read the books, filled the water whenever she forgot, and tried to talk her into putting the cage up off the floor. She'd gotten the "don't put them in a draft" part, so she put them in the dust bunnies, instead. She wanted a piggy like the one in the Blockbuster Video commercial, and that was Dallas. I suggested she get a second piggy as a friend for Dallas, and that was Dakota. Dakota wasn't completely healthy when she got him, and he got sicker. i took him to the vet, but didn't know enough about exotics to know the vet wasn't doing what needed to be done. Poor Dakota finally got so sick, he wasn't moving. I called all the area vets about 5 p.m. one Friday night, and only one would wait for me to bring Dakota in. I did, and Dakota got treated for pneumonia. I had found a great cavy vet, but it was too late for Dakota. He died about three months later, never getting over the pneumonia.

That left Dallas all alone. Everytime I left the room he'd cry until I came back. He wanted to be held and snuggled, and he missed his Dakota. I finally went back to the pet store, just as they were putting this tiny black piggy into the tank. I bought him right away, stuck him in my shirt where he fell asleep, and took him home to Dallas. That was Zippy, who is now about 4 years old. Dallas and Zippy hit it off right away, but after about a year, Dallas got pneumonia, too. Since I now had a great vet, Dallas got the best treatment, and we got him past the pneumonia, but his upper respiratory system was never right again. He had hay fever, asthma and lots of trouble breathing when it was extremely hot and humid. The vet set up an oxygen tent for him when he couldn't breathe, and Zippy and I would sit in the waiting room until Dallas was okay again. Zippy would tell me everything that was on his mind. Finally, a couple of days after Thanksgiving, 2005, Dallas gave up. I stayed up with him the for two days and nights, until he finally let go.

Now Zippy was all alone, and desparate for a cagemate. We went to a wonderful rescue in Massachusetts, and adopted Grisham, known to us as Mr. Grisham after the Mr. Grissom on CSI, or Grishy. Zippy and Grishy were too close in age, and often fought, but they also had times when they got along. Grishy was a sweet clown piggy, always rolling over and trying to look really cute to get a snack. We went to Florida for three weeks in March 2007. The piggies boarded at the vets. They called me after about a week, and told me Grishy developed a sudden URI, lasted about four hours, and died before anyone could do anything. My little clown piggy was gone, and I wasn't there to say goodbye. I have him with me, now, in a pretty container.

I didn't get another cagemate for Zippy. He was getting older, so I had him neutered, and he's in with my girls, Harlequin and Fudgy Momma. They are a great threesome, and I love them dearly, but I miss my babies. Dallas and I had a special bond. I'm still not over losing him. I will feel the same way when Zippy goes. I wish I could have helped Dakota better. That's when I started researching cavies on-line, and learned all the things I should have known before. And yes, I never gave Dallas back to daughter. He became my piggy friend, and would pee on her if she tried to pick him up. I feel so glad to have had the chance to know those little furballs, and they brought me so much happiness. I hope I made their lives as good as they made mine. R.I.P. babies. angel
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PostSubject: Re: My Little Lost Ones   Thu Jan 10, 2008 5:30 am

I am so sorry for all yorur losses, I am new to cavies, but I am informing myself I've had my piggies for almost a year now and I've been reading, researching, and in forums finding things about them I have learned a lot about piggies. I haven't experience any deaths but I am 100% sure I will never get over it and I am 100% sure I will not resist if it happens Im very attach to my piggies. I eat looking at them playing with them, I feed them I bath them I do everything with them (4) and I love them all four equally, but I could not resist a lost of any of the members of the gang :D They are very important, I never thought I will get so attach to something so small and innocent. I wish your piggies R.I.P angel


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My Little Lost Ones
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