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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:06 pm


This forum was created for a healthy and respectful environment. This forum will not tolerate any arguments between members. There will be given three warnings to the member that does comply with the forum’s rules, if the member ignores the three warnings he/she will be banned from this forum.


We are an open minded forum and We are in favor of NOT breeding and Breeding. We are NOT in favor of breeding, but we cannot force any member not to do so. This forum was created to share questions, comments, pictures, healthy topics for your cavies, and it is not based on judgment to those who breed or not the animals. Please members if you DO NOT agree with breeding DO NOT insult, judge, or argue with other member just because they DO NOT SHARE your believes. All we can offer is great information and how to safe your cavy's life. Please THINK before breeding.


You CAN upload how many pictures you want. DO NOT post any pornographic images, relevant pictures of yourself, abused animals, racist images; this forum needs to be clean of all those concepts. If any member post any of this categories NOT ACCPETED IN THE FORUM, he/she will be immediately warn if he/she ignores the warning, the member will be BANNED from the forum.


I would prefer an animal avatar, for example your guinea pig, dog, cat and other pets, but if you would like to upload any other picture, IT IS OK as long as you follow the PICTURES rules. GIF, JPEG, and other types of picture file are ACCEPTED.


There are no limitations on any thread; members can create an unlimited quantity of threads. Please DO NOT use bad words, insults, or rude comments. It will be nice if members DO NOT use “lingo” or “chat room talk” in the forum other members that are not familiar with the use of words this way, may not understand and it may cause a conflict. If members use it, THERE IS NO problem, no member will be banned from the forum, but will be advice to write in a correct way for those who are not familiar with “lingo” or “chat room talk”.


There is no problem when using any kind of font, color, or size. It will be nice if members can keep the font size at 12-14 font size. There is NO problem with fonts in color, MEMBERS CAN USE any color they want when creating a thread or responding to other member’s post or thread.


DO NOT post in threads any links redirecting them to other sites, this is not an advertisement site. If you own your own website, you can put it in your signature THAT IS ACCEPTABLE if it is your website, other sites the LINK will be removed and you will receive a warning for violating the rules of the forum. The intention of this forum is to have a nice and relax time not to SPAM others. If it is a health related LINK it will than be ACCEPTABLE.


When uploading your video to the forum, please ONLY include this specific details.
-ONLY cavies
-Cages, toys, any accesories are ACCEPTABLE
-NO cavy abuse
-NO mating videos
-Voice is ACCEPTED in videos NO cursing, NO insults, or anything OBSCENE
-Publicate your OWN videos DO NOT publicate any copyrighted video UNLESS you have PERMISSION to do so. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL THIS RULES TO AVOID ANY CONFLICTS


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Forum Rules
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